As Daphna in Bad Jews

St. James Theatre –
London transfer

International New York Times

To watch the superb Ms. Augen in full take-no-prisoners flow is to be sucked into the vortex of that rare stage creature who compels and repels in equal measure. Look away, and you find you cannot.
– Matt Wolf

TimeOut London

Jenna Augen is magnificent as Daphna, relentlessly pick-pick-picking away at her cousin with exceptional comic timing. And she is by no means unbearable, as Augen adds real depth to the character.
– Daisy Bowie-Sell

The Times of London

Jenna Augen is stunning as this smiley, spikey, self-righteous but wounded young woman.
– Dominic Maxwell

WhatsOnStage London

Augen’s performance is a real tour de force and it’s not hard to see why she won the UK Theatre Award for the play’s initial run at the Ustinov Studio, Bath last year.
– Ben Hewis

As Daphna in Bad Jews

The Theatre Royal, Bath – Ustinov Studio

The Independent

Daphna (superb Jenna Augen) is an intense, frizzy-haired and very voluble Vassar student […] There will be no justice in the world if this shockingly good production does not transfer to London.
– Paul Taylor

The Telegraph

In Michael Longhurst’s beautifully nuanced and paced production, our sympathies shift at disconcerting speed between Jenna Augen’s ingeniously sharp-tongued Daphna and Ilan Goodman’s splenetic and sweary Liam […] Scaldingly funny.
– Dominic Cavendish

The Daily Mail

Miss Augen, a mass of dark curls and wide-popping-eyed frustration, gives a remarkable performance – a young Bette Midler springs to mind […] a fine dramatic creation […] Jenna Augen delivers an eye-popping performance.
– Quentin Letts

The Guardian

Jenna Augen conveys all Daphna’s needling assurance while hinting at her lurking insecurity […] Scalding rhetoric between hissing cousins […] The strength of the play lies in the vigour of their combat, which has something of the verbal firepower of Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
– Michael Billington